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Kerala Assembly Elections: Rahul Gandhi Launches Scathing Attack on Prime Minister, RSS | India News


NEW DELHI: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi sounded the party’s bugle for the upcoming assembly elections in Kerala on Wednesday from his Lok Sabha constituency of Wayanad and attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, RSS and the Democratic Front of Left (LDF), led by the CPI (M). ) in the state. Rahul also urged congressional workers to guarantee the party’s victory in state elections.
Rahul accused Prime Minister Modi of “weakening” and “destroying” the country and claimed that “for the first time” Chinese troops were “sitting inside Indian territory.”
On a two-day visit to Kerala, he practically started the campaign of the United Democratic Front (UDF) led by Congress. He also criticized the ruling LDF, claiming that its policies have caused “harm” to the state.
Addressing the UDF conventions in Thana and Nilambur in the Malappuram district, which is part of his Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency, Gandhi also alleged that RSS was spreading hatred and was responsible for the “collapse” of the country’s economy.
“You know the damage that the prime minister is doing to the nation’s fabric. For the first time, Chinese troops are sitting inside Indian territory. Our economy, one of the best in the world, has collapsed. Our young people just don’t. they can jobs. This is the result of the RSS ideology, “he said.
“Of course the prime minister is incompetent, but the real cause of this failure is the hatred that the RSS is spreading in the country,” said the former president of Congress.
Pointing to Modi, he asked what happened to his “56-inch chest when Chinese troops entered the country. The prime minister has not said a word about China in the past six months,” Gandhi said.
“The prime minister has divided the country and spread hatred, so the Chinese have decided to enter the country … they know that the prime minister has weakened India and they have correctly assessed that he cannot cope with them,” the leader alleged congressional. in Nilambur.
He also claimed that Modi has “destroyed” the country through demonetization and the “flawed” goods and services tax (GST).
Addressing the LDF, Congress’s main rival in the state, the deputy told attendees that “they have faced the Left Front every day and they know the damage their policies have done to Kerala.”
Congratulating the congressional candidates who won at the local polls and those who opposed and lost, he said that grassroots elections are becoming increasingly important as they represent “true voices” of the people as the representatives were closer to them.
Gandhi said that when the senior state Congress leaders arrived in Delhi, he told them that the UDF should see this election as special, as an election that will give Kerala a vision to move forward. The vision must be built at ground level from the people themselves.
The UDF would prepare a “mass manifesto” capturing the imagination of the people of the state.
“We must talk to farmers, workers, youth, women, students about what they expect from the UDF and we must commit to giving what they want,” he said.
When selecting candidates, there must also be a balance between experience and youth, as they represent the present and the future respectively.
“Our candidates must reflect this and inspire people,” he said, adding that the process by which candidates were chosen must be transparent.
This would be a transformative election and it was necessary to make the party’s manifesto a people’s manifesto, he said.
“In this election we must give the best advantage to young people. I understand that there is a place for experience and I also understand that it is necessary to give opportunities to young people who are our future,” he said.
The party would make sure not only to win the elections, but to sweep them away, Gandhi added.
Gandhi also dedicated various medical kits, including a multi-parameter monitor and portable ventilator, purchased for the district hospital in Nilambur using funds from the MP’s local area development plan.
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