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India pledges $ 150,000 for UN peacebuilding | India News


UNITED NATIONS: India has announced a commitment of $ 150,000 for Peacebuilding Fund activities this year and said that 2021 provides the international community with an opportunity to view peacebuilding in a more focused way, especially in the context of the Covid pandemic.
“While I would like to assure everyone of our sincere commitment to continue to participate in peacebuilding, we extend our support to the activities of the Peacebuilding Fund and, as a token of our commitment, India would like to announce today a pledge of $ 150,000 for the fund’s activities and program this year, ”said India’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador TS Tirumurti.
In a virtual speech at the High-Level Replenishment Conference for the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund on Tuesday, he said that India believes that 2021 provides the international community with an opportunity to see the consolidation of peace in a context and in a more focused way, especially in the context of the Covid pandemic, which threatens to erode the progress made over the years.
He added that the recently concluded 2020 review of the UN peacebuilding architecture provides a framework to strengthen peacebuilding collectively.
He expressed his recognition that, as part of its 2020-24 strategy, the Peacebuilding Fund has presented a comprehensive scenario that covers a five-year horizon. The Fund requires $ 1.5 billion for 2020-2024.
“There is no doubt that conflict prevention is essential to ensure that peacekeeping is translated into something more lasting for the benefit of the people,” he said, adding that this requires the determined support of member states to strengthen the hands of the United Nations.
He emphasized that strengthening security structures goes hand in hand with strengthening civilian governance structures.
“Consequently, we must prioritize our focus on specific aspects of peacebuilding, which will have the greatest impact in post-conflict situations, so that funds are used in the optimal way.”
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres told the conference that building peace in fragile contexts requires political courage and leadership at the national and local levels, but also the right support at the right time from the international community.
“We need to take risks for peace and allow stakeholders the resources and space to seize the opportunities. We have a responsibility to break down institutional silos and bring together, in an agile and responsive manner, the full range of capabilities of the UN system, ”he said.
The UN chief noted that as the medium-term effects of the COVID19 pandemic become more apparent, it is more important than ever to ensure that the fund is adequately resourced and predictable.
In 2020, the Peacebuilding Fund mobilized more than $ 180 million, which Guterres said is an important sign of the trust the fund has gained over the years and its demonstrated ability to deliver in the most challenging contexts. difficult.
“But its resources are now exhausted. We must urgently replenish them. Doing so will save lives and serve as a clear demonstration of multilateral support.”
Tirumurti highlighted India’s constructive and significant role in the context of peacebuilding through its broad partnership for development in developing countries, particularly in Africa and Asia.
India continues to assist countries bilaterally in post-conflict situations by providing substantial grants and soft loans, as well as focusing on infrastructure, especially housing, education and health, on connectivity, providing means of life to those affected by the conflict, especially in agriculture and grassroots projects.
He cited the example of Afghanistan, where India has undertaken projects in all provinces of the country.
India has tried to improve the security environment of these countries, as peace, security and development must go hand in hand.
India is also fulfilling its commitment to make its Covid-19 vaccines available to other countries and has already supplied more than six million doses to nine countries in phase one as a grant.
The Peacebuilding Fund is the UN’s primary financial instrument for maintaining peace in countries or situations at risk or affected by violent conflict.
The Fund’s strategy for 2020-2024 is the most ambitious yet and responds to the Secretary-General’s call for a qualitative leap in support for peacebuilding and prevention. The Fund has invested more than $ 1.2 billion to date in more than 60 countries, with the support of nearly 60 member states.
At the close of the conference, the Co-Chairs issued a Joint Communiqué declaring that the General Assembly would convene a high-level meeting on the financing of peace during its 76th session.
“The Conference was held at a time of unprecedented challenges and as the world grapples with the immediate tragic effects of the pandemic and its alarming medium and long-term effects. Unprecedented economic shocks and inadequate response strategies are anchoring the social and economic inequalities and increasing risks of crisis, eroding peace and development progress along the way, “said the Joint Communiqué.
Member States reiterated the importance of investing in peace. Including funds received for 2020, a total of 39 member states have contributed or pledged more than $ 439 million towards peacebuilding in support of the Fund’s 2020-2024 Strategy, which set a target of $ 1.5 billion. .

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