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Deep Sidhu, man guilty of capital chaos, disappears | India News


JALANDHAR: Punjabi actor-turned-activist Deep Sidhu, who bears most of the blame for the violence that marred the Delhi tractor rally on R-Day, hid from the gaze of police officers, farmer comrades and cameras on Wednesday, including as two new videos emerged from the chaos, one of which shows a vehicle chasing him as he runs and jumps onto a motorcycle to escape.
On social media, the barrage of posts accusing him of smearing the farmer far outnumbered those who questioned the attacks on him. The latter asked why Sidhu could be held responsible for turning the tractor parade into a riot at the Red Fort.
For Sidhu, the past six months have been a roller coaster ride from popularity to bottom.
Sanyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) officials have cast him as the villain of the play, even calling him an RSS agent. On December 10, Sidhu had advocated moving away from the “yes or no” approach taken by farmers’ unions, saying that the path of political diplomacy should not be blocked.
Sidhu had captured public attention beyond his identity as an actor just as the farmers’ agitation was gaining momentum a few months earlier. In the first week of October, he started a morcha (protest) at the Shambhu barrier in Patiala, the border between Punjab and Haryana. He then spoke of federalism, quickly acquiring a large following on social media. Many of these supporters have supported Sidhu even after Tuesday’s events, saying that the media and farmers’ unions are making him a scapegoat, that they are themselves flawed.
While there was always some friction between Sidhu and the unions, it seemed to have increased in the past two months. In a live Facbook on December 10, the actor-activist accused the “communist unions” of working on an agenda to promote left-wing politics through the uproar. However, after being trolled, apparently for defending a middle way and supposedly trying to weaken the uproar, he apologized the next day.
“Political diplomacy has been abandoned … Some communist organizations want a clash in order to build their politics, which is not at all desirable. Such confrontations would be much more dangerous, “he had said, while affirming that the children of mothers who had attended the protest full of emotions should return home safely. “We will watch if someone wants to build a political structure. Leadership needs to make forward-looking decisions, not just to avoid political pressure, ”he said.
These comments were made, perhaps, in the context of public pressure to repeal the laws. “Discipline must be maintained. We don’t want politics and we need … to avoid any harm, ”he said. “Our victory should not be defined by ‘recall or bullets’ … Maintain discipline, do not do anything wrong under provocation.”

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