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Tricolor Unfolds on R-Day to Inaugurate Ayodhya Mosque | India News


AYODHYA: The deployment of the tricolor and tree plantation on the 72nd Republic Day of India marked the formal launch of the Ayodhya mosque project in the village of Dhannipur, 25 km from Ramjanmabhoomi, exactly six months after that the Sunni Waqf Board constituted the foundation of the mosque – Indo-Islamic Cultural Foundation – following the 2019 Supreme Court verdict that ordered the construction of a temple in Ramjanmabhoomi and a mosqut in the district instead of Babri Masjid.
The tricolor was hoisted by trust chairman Zufar Ahmad Farooqui, and his members planted nine saplings on the site amid cheering from villagers in Dhannipur, a nondescript village that rose to fame after an adjacent 5-acre plot to a century-old Sufi shrine. was assigned for the mosque.
Keeping Ayodhya’s secular and syncretic moorings afloat, three members of the Hindu community, including a prominent RSS official, made generous donations for the construction of the mosque on the occasion. While Professor RK Singh of Awadh University and his wife, Dr. Sunita Sengar, donated 22,000 rupees, RSS member Dr. Anil Singh, who is also president of the Muslim Rashtriya Manch of Ayodhya, donated 2,100 rupees . To recall, the first donation of Rs 21,000 for the mosque project came from a Hindu academic at Lucknow University, Rohit Srivastava, last year. Speaking to TOI, Singh said: “Most Hindus will support the construction of this mosque in Ayodhya along with the Ramjanmabhoomi temple and this is the best example of communal harmony.”
Speaking with TOI, the secretary of the trust, Athar Hussain, said: “The trust chose January 26 to lay the foundations of the mosque, since that day the Constitution came into force more than seven decades ago.”
The new mosque will be larger than the Babri masjid, but it will not resemble the structure that once stood at the Ramjanmabhoomi facility. “The hospital will be the center of attention and will serve humanity with the true spirit of Islam as the prophet taught 1,400 years ago, ”said Farooqui.

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