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Republic Day Parade: UP Shows Ram Temple of Ayodhya | India News


NEW DELHI: During this year’s Republic Day parade on Rajpath, the Uttar Pradesh painting showed the Ayodhya State Cultural City and the Ram Temple, which is under construction.
In the first part of the painting, Maharishi Valmiki has been shown composing the Ramayana. In the central part of the painting, Shri Ram Mandir appeared, the epitome of Ayodhya’s cultural identity associated with mass feelings and devotion.

The mural showed Nishadraj embracing and eating the berry of Shabri by Lord Ram, the salvation of Ahilya, Kewat Samvad, Lord Hanuman bringing Sanjivani Buti, Jatayu-Ram Samvad, Ashok Vatika and other scenes from Ramyana.
The front of the middle painting showed Deepotsava of Ayodhya, in which millions of earth lamps are lit.
On August 5, 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held the bhoomi pujan for the construction of the Ram Temple.

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