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Rahul Gandhi says violence is not the solution, calls for repeal of agricultural laws in the national interest | India News


NEW DELHI: As farmers protested they clashed with police in various places in the national capital, the leader of Congress RahulGandhi On Tuesday he said that violence is not the solution to any problem and called for the repeal of the three agricultural laws in the “national interest.”
Gandhi He took to Twitter to say that if anyone is injured, damage will be inflicted on the country, after violence broke out during the tractor parade by protesters against the new farm laws.
“Violence is not the solution to any problem. If someone is injured, the damage will be done to our country. Withdraw anti-agricultural laws in the national interest,” he said in a Hindi tweet.

Deviating from the route indicated for the tractor parade, protesting peasants entered the Red Fort and raised flags from some domes of the emblematic monument of the national capital.
They previously clashed with the police at ITO while trying to enter Lutyens Delhi. The police used tear gas projectiles and lathi-charge to dispel the violent farmers.
Farmers who started their march from different border points, long before the time allowed for their concentration of tractors, arrived at ITO in central Delhi, although their leaders had previously agreed not to enter central Delhi.
Congress also tweeted a video showing smoke from tear gas projectiles fired at farmers to prevent them from entering Delhi.
“Republic Day 2021 in New India. Our national capital is vanishing as the government attacks its own people,” the party said on its official Twitter account along with the video.
The opposition party also said it strongly supports farmers in their protest against farm laws.

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