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Letter to the CJI urges you to become aware of the violence during the peasant tractor rally | India News


NEW DELHI: A Mumbai-based law student wrote a letter on Tuesday to Chief Justice of India (CJI) SA Bobde urging him to become aware of the violence that took place in the Red Fort during the farm tractor march in Republic Day.
The letter, written by Ashish Rai, a student at the University of Mumbai, claimed that the tractor march had been terrorized by some anti-social elements. ”
He said that the way another community’s flag was flown at the fort instead of the national flag of India, damaged the honor and dignity of the country.
He claimed that much of the public property was also damaged.
It is a shameful fact and the whole country is also affected by this incident. Due to this incident, the national flag has also been insulted along with the country’s Constitution, the letter says, adding that such activities damage the constitutional sentiments of Indian citizens.
He requested the formation of a Special Investigation Commission on all this matter to carry out a rigorous investigation against the antisocial elements involved in this unconstitutional activity and to punish the accused.

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