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India’s Republic Day 2021: Google Celebrates 72nd Republic Day with Doodle Showcasing India’s Diversity | India News


NEW DELHI: As India celebrates its 72nd Republic Day today, Google marked the occasion with a creative doodle illustrated by Mumbai guest artist Onkar Fondekar.
The search engine giant shared a beautiful creation for people to celebrate on January 26, showcasing the diversity and variety of vibrant cultures that bring this colorful nation to life.
“I was inspired by the people of India: the culture, the traditions, the history and the architecture,” said Fondekar.
Republic Day honors the date of January 26, 1950, since on this date, 72 years ago, the Constitution of India came into effect by replacing the law of the Government of India (1935). The country officially transits to a sovereign republic.

India's Republic Day 2021: Google Celebrates 72nd Republic Day with Doodle Showcasing India's Diversity | India News

A full size illustration of Google scribble
On this day, every corner of the country, including the capital of India, is decorated with people enjoying their day off.
While Republic Day only dates back to 1949, many elements of the subcontinent have evolved over the centuries. With origins dating back hundreds of years, musical instruments such as the dholak (a two-headed hand drum) and the sitar (a long-necked stringed instrument), both included in the Doodle artwork, are just a few examples from the rich in India. heritage.
From its distinctive architectural styles to the Bollywood film industry, India’s cultural impact is felt globally, and there is much to celebrate today.
Happy Republic Day, India!
Watch Google Doodle celebrates Republic Day 2021

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