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For the first time, the three-service contingent from Bangladesh participates in the Indian Republic Day parade | India News


NEW DELHI: For the first time, a marching contingent and tri-service band from Bangladesh participated in the Republic Day Parade to mark 50 years since their historic liberation.
The 122-member contingent of the Bangladesh Armed Forces, consisting of soldiers from the Bangladesh Army, sailors from the Bangladesh Navy and air warriors from the Bangladesh Air Force, was led by the contingent commander, Lieutenant Colonel Abu Mohammed Shahnoor Shawon and his deputies, Lieutenant Farhan Ishraq. and Flight Lieutenant Sibat Rahman.
The three services of the Bangladesh Armed Forces had played a key role in securing the independence of their country in the 1971 Bangladesh War of Liberation.
Representatives of the battalions that participated in the War of Liberation, such as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th East Bengal Regiment and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Field Artillery Regiment, marched in the parade.
The Bangladesh Navy had successfully carried out Operation Jackpot during the war, destroying 26 enemy ships in sea and river ports. The Air Force carried out 50 successful air strikes on enemy targets during the war as part of the “Kilo Flight” from the base in Dimapur, India.
The contingent marched to the sound of the song “Shono Ekti Mujibur-er theke lokkho Mujibur”, which means “Listen, the voice of Mujibur that has multiplied by hundreds of thousands of his followers”, performed by the music band led by Lieutenant Colonel Banazir Ahmed.
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, popularly known as Bangabondhu, was the central figure behind the Bangladesh Liberation Movement and the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.
Rahman, also known as ‘Father of the Nation’, was the first president of Bangladesh and later the prime minister from April 17, 1971 until his assassination on August 15, 1975.
India was the first country to recognize Bangladesh as a separate and independent state and established diplomatic relations with the country immediately after its independence in December 1971.

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