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Experts Refute Claims About “Cow Dung Chip” To Combat Radiation | India News


BENGALURU: The Breakthrough Science Society, a collective of scientists and researchers, reiterated that Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog’s claim about a chip made from Indian cow dung that stops harmful radiation from mobile phones is unscientific. He said the experiment to show the chip’s scientific credentials is flawed.
In October, the RKA president claimed that the chip’s ability to prevent harmful radiation was scientifically proven. More than 600 scientists signed an open letter protesting what they called the “spread of pseudoscience.” The letter was sent to RKA President Vallabhbhai Kathiria on October 18.
Scientists now received a response from Kathiria which they call “comical.” A statement from BSS said that along with the response, Kathiria also sent a letter from the head of the physics department at the University of Saurashtra, Professor Mihir Joshi, certifying the analysis of the cow dung chip. According to Joshi’s report, the experiment was conducted using a Geiger Muller counter, in which a radioactive source emitted radiation that was recorded. The cow manure chips were then placed between the radioactive source and the counter. The report states that there was a reduction in radiation. “It is sad that physics professors at a state university are willing to please RKA,” said BSS. He said the experiment “violates the rules of scientific procedure.”

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