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Do not commit the ‘sin’ of using force against protesting farmers: Sharad Pawar | India News


MUMBAI: In the wake of the violence during the Farmer Tractor Parade, NCP Chairman Sharad Pawar said Tuesday that what happened in Delhi is indefensible, but the reasons that led to the situation when he warned against cannot be ignored either. the use of force against protesters.
The former Union agriculture minister asked the Center to maintain a dialogue with farmers seeking the elimination of the new agricultural marketing laws and to renounce its “extreme position” on the issue.
A tractor march aimed at highlighting the demands of farmers dissolved into anarchy on the streets of the national capital, when hordes of violent protesters broke barriers, fought with the police, overturned vehicles and raised a religious flag from the fort’s wall. Red, a privilege. reserved for the tricolor.
In interacting with the media here, Pawar said that Punjab may address concern if the Center uses force against protesters and asked the Modi government not to commit such a sin.
The farmers organized a tractor rally. The Center and those responsible for law and order were expected to treat them sensibly. But it didn’t happen, Pawar alleged.
Pawar said a way out of the farmers’ demands should have been found without hurting the protesters who have been agitating for two months.
The PNC leader said that based on the information he has received, strict conditions were imposed on the protesters before bringing out the tractor rally.
It was necessary to deal with the protesters taking into account their agitation for 50 to 60 days and their patience. But the authorities held a different opinion, and therefore the situation has deteriorated.
No one can defend what is happening there today. But we can’t ignore why it’s happening, either, Pawar said.
Pawar said it was the Center’s responsibility to note why farmers peacefully protesting so far got angry and added that the government should have handled the rioters accordingly.
But it didn’t happen and the situation deteriorated, Pawar alleged.
I hope that the Center will show prudence and abandon its extreme position on the issue while maintaining a dialogue with these (farmer) bodies.
You must have a dialogue. You should think about their demands seriously and make a proper decision, Pawar said.
He said Punjab may be headed for unrest if the Center uses force against rioters.
“If this is not done (the dialogue is not maintained) and if we (the Center) try to use force, then Punjab, which was once restless but has recovered, can move towards restlessness and the Modi government will not that sin should be committed, “Pawar added.

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