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Supreme Court Refuses to Host PIL for Free and Fair Assembly Elections in West Bengal | India News


NEW DELHI: On Monday, the Supreme Court refused to accept a request for directions to the Center, the West Bengal government and the Electoral Commission to ensure “free, peaceful, safe and fair” assembly elections scheduled for this year in the state.
A bank headed by Judge Ashok Bhushan, while declining to receive the PIL from a Puneet Kaur Dhanda, said it was open for her to take another appeal as allowed by law.
“You take other resources available under the law,” said the court, which was also composed of Justices Hemant Gupta and R Subhash Reddy in the proceedings carried out via videoconference.
The guilty plea, filed through attorney Vineet Dhanda, had requested various reparations, including an order for the CBI to investigate the alleged killings of political activists and opponents of the ruling All India Trinamool Congress Party in the state.
During the brief hearing, the lawyer said that Rohingya voters in Telengana have registered as voters in West Bengal and that “Hindu voters cannot go out to vote in places where Muslims are the majority.”
It also alleged that BJP leaders, including its national president JP Nadda, were attacked in West Bengal.
“Free and fair elections are not possible in the state under such conditions,” Dhanda urged, adding, “free and fair elections are possible under the watchful eye of the supreme court.”
The public interest litigation (PIL) had made the Union Ministry of the Interior, the West Bengal government, the Election Commission, the state poll panel, the Director General of Police and the CBI as parties.
“The petitioner requests the leniency of this court, as the continuing violation of fundamental rights, legal rights and human rights in the state of West Bengal has reached its zenith and the state government and its police machinery are involved in such violations. .
“The state government is not taking measures to prevent such a violation of fundamental, statutory and human rights, but it is the state government and its machinery that are responsible for such a brutal violation of rights in the state of West Bengal,” said the statement. .
Referring to the recent attack on the BJP president’s cavalcade in the state, the petition also sought a direction for “the secretary of the interior of the Union and the DGP, West Bengal, to take strict measures against the errant superior officers involved in the breach of duty in the protection of the National President BJP “.
The PIL had alleged that fundamental rights such as the right to life and personal liberty and equality and the legal right to vote under the Citizens’ Representation of the People Act of 1951 are being violated in the state.
The allegation alleged that in recent years there have been incidents of “systematic assassinations of political leaders especially belonging to the BJP.”
The ruling party has done nothing to stop the brutal violence against the leaders of the BJP and other parties not in power in the state, he said.
He had requested instructions from the authorities to submit a detailed report on the measures taken and the status in the cases of killings of opposition party leaders, especially to the high court.
He had requested instructions from the state police to ensure the safety of party workers belonging to opposition parties in West Bengal during the counting, casting and counting of votes in next year’s assembly elections.
The petition had sought the deployment of paramilitary forces in the state to guarantee free and fair elections.

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