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Help spread the right information about the Covid vaccine to the people: PM to youth | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged NCC cadets and NSS volunteers to help spread correct information about vaccines to the poor and the general public. He said that after Indian scientists have done their duty by developing the Covid-19 vaccine, there is now a need to fulfill the responsibility of beating the disease by countering lies and rumors.
Addressing NCC cadets, NSS volunteers, and artists who would be participating in the Republic Day parade, Modi said: “In Covid times too, the work done by you is commendable. When the government and administration needed him, he volunteered and provided help. Whether it is to spread awareness about the Aarogya Setu app or the spread of the coronavirus infection, your work was commendable. ”
The prime minister urged young people to volunteer to help the country with the Covid-19 vaccination program. “You have to provide the correct information about vaccines to the poor and the general public,” he said.
Modi also said that India will not become self-sufficient just by someone who says so, but this will be achieved through the actions of young people for whom they must be armed with the necessary skills.
He urged the youth to look at all the foreign-made items they use every day and how many are Made in India products. The prime minister said that India will become Atmanirbhar when everyone does what is necessary. Claiming that many foreign-made items have invaded our lives, the prime minister said: “We do not know that we have become mind slaves. I urge the NCC cadets and NSS volunteers to make a list of the items we use that are not made in India and they will realize the loss we have caused ourselves, “Modi said as he urged them to be more “vowels over the”.

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