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Rahul Gandhi criticizes RSS, says it cannot decide the future of Tamil Nadu | India News

TIRUPUR: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi criticized the RSS on Sunday, saying that the BJP’s parent body cannot decide the future of Tamil Nadu and that it will be determined by the people of the state and their youth.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a ‘confusion’ and thought that just because he can ‘blackmail’ the Tamil Nadu government, he could also control the people of the state, he said at a public meeting near here.
The Congress leader claimed: “He (Modi) does not understand, only the Tamil people can decide the future of Tamil Nadu. The Knickerwallahs (a colloquial reference to the shorts, the former organizational uniform of RSS men) from Nagpur will never be able to decide the future state.
It doesn’t matter how many parades (per RSS members) they have. The future of Tamil Nadu will be decided by the youth of the state. ”
He said that he was in TN to help people choose a government that looks out for the interests of the Tamil people and cannot be controlled or blackmailed by the Prime Minister.
On the second day of his campaign today, Gandhi said that he was helping people, as he owed them a debt for his love and affection. His link to Tamil Nadu was a “family relationship,” he said.
Attacking Modi for the agricultural laws that he said were against the farmers who together with others as workers formed the base of the nation, Gandhi said: “We will not allow Narendra Modi to destroy the base of India.”
The farmers have been protesting because they understood that “you are stealing their future, you are stealing what is theirs,” said the congressman.
They flayed Modi and BJP for “destroying” the fundamental fabric of India’s diversity by imposing an ideology of one language, one culture and one nation.
The central government was not for farmers, day laborers or Micro Small or Medium Enterprises, which are the future of the nation and abound in this region of the state, Gandhi, on a campaign tour of western districts, said.
After working against the interests of those who formed the core of the nation’s founding, Modi was silent on the China issue, he alleged.
Gandhi is here on a three-day tour to campaign for the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections which are expected in April or early May.

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