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One million doses of Covid vaccine administered in India in just 6 days: Ministry of Health | India News


NEW DELHI: It took India just 6 days to administer one million doses of Covid-19 vaccine, a count that is higher than that of countries like the US and the UK, the Union Ministry of Health said on Sunday , as the number of beneficiaries who have received the anti-coronavirus injections approached 16 lakh.
The UK took 18 days, while the US took 10 days to reach the 1 million mark, the ministry said.
From January 24, until 8 a.m., almost 16 lakh (15,82,201) beneficiaries have received the Covid-19 vaccine. In a 24-hour period, about 2 lakh (1.91,609) people were vaccinated in 3,512 sessions. So far a total of 27,920 sessions have been held, the ministry said.
India took just 6 days to launch a million doses of vaccine. This count is higher than in countries like the US and the UK. The UK took 18 days, while the US took 10 days to reach the million mark, the ministry noted.
In a testament to the successful test, follow-up, treatment, technology strategy, India continues on its steady trajectory of reporting a sustained drop in daily new cases and the consequent decline in active cases, the ministry stressed.
Active cases in India currently amount to 1.84,408, which represents 1.73% of all cases.
With 15,948 cases recovered in a period of 24 hours, a net decrease of 1,254 cases has been registered in the total of active cases during the same period.
Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal account for 75% of the total active cases in the country.
The total of recovered cases has risen to 10,316,786, the ministry said, adding that it is observed that 84.30 percent of the new recovered cases are concentrated in 10 states and UT.
Kerala has reported the maximum number of recoveries in a single day with 5,283 recoveries. Maharashtra follows with 3,694 new recoveries.
The ministry said that 80.67 percent of the 14,849 new Covid-19 cases registered in a 24-hour period are concentrated in six states and UT.
Kerala reported the daily maximum of new cases amounting to 6,960 in one day. Maharashtra recorded 2,697 new cases, while Karnataka recorded 902 new cases yesterday.
Seven states and UT represent 79.35% of the 155 death cases reported in a 24-hour period.
Maharashtra reported 56 deaths. Kerala and Delhi follow with 23 and 10 new deaths, respectively.

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