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Netaji was a devout Hindu, but he respected all religions: Daughter | India News


CALCUTTA: Germany-based Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s daughter Anita B Pfaff chose her 125th birth anniversary on Saturday to paint the person behind the legend as “a devout Hindu,” though “tolerant of all others. religions “.
“He inspired his followers, members of the Indian National Army, his friends and his family, to respect other religions and yet be very religious himself,” Pfaff said in a video message posted on the official Twitter account. of the Consulate General of India in Munich.
Underlining the ideals of “unity and tolerance” that his father espoused throughout his life, Pfaff described him as “a man of thought and also of action.” He envisioned an India that would be “modern, enlightened, and at the same time deeply rooted in history, philosophy and religious traditions,” he said.
“I hope we can all be inspired by Netaji’s ideas and ideals. I congratulate you on these efforts. Jai Hind.”
In Kolkata, the chairman of the Netaji Research Office and former Trinamool MP Sugata Bose, who is one of Subhas Chandra Bose’s great-nephews, said it was more important to follow Netaji and Gandhiji’s ideals of uniting all castes. and communities that give a particular label to the anniversary of their birth.
“The important thing is not how we change the name of his birth anniversary … Personally, I do not like the term Parakram Diwas very much. I much prefer Deshanayak Diwas,” said Sugata Bose after saying goodbye to Prime Minister Narendra Modi after his visit. to Elgin from Netaji. Road residence.

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