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His way, the highway. Three friends overcome the boredom of the WFH | India News

BENGALURU: What do you do when job from home becomes monotonous and exhausting? If you are Bakcen George, Allwyn Joseph or Ratish Bhalerao, you are most likely logging into your workstation from a dhaba highway. When Covid-induced work from home got boring, the three friends took off on their bikes, pedaling more than 1,600 km across three states. Office tasks were never lost along the way.
For George, 37, a digital marketing executive and Thane’s adventure buff, the lockdown was difficult. “I was falling into depression and the dream of cycling from Mumbai to Kanyakumari was constantly on my mind. I knew I was not going to have 20 days of travel leave, so I thought why not work from a highway, “he said.
On November 19, George shared his plan with his childhood friends Joseph (37) and Bhalerao (36). Both Joseph and Bhalerao, who didn’t even have bicycles, decided to join him.
“It sounded very adventurous and clearly a change from the routine,” laughed Allwyn Joseph, an executive at a Mumbai-based logistics company, who bought a second-hand bike for the trip. Bhalerao had quit his job but was doing freelance online work. They began their journey from Kalyan on November 21, armed with a plan to pedal along the coast to Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu.
“We would travel from 4 am to 11 am and stop at dhabas or teashops to open our laptops and finish office work,” George said. They arrived in Kanyakumari on December 14.

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