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Burning fuel, Congress blames government, seeks tax cut | India News

NEW DELHI: Attacking the Modi government for a record spike in fuel prices, Congress on Sunday demanded that the Center reduce excise duties on gasoline and diesel imposed in the past six years. The party said the government should explain how it had spent the 20 lakh crore rupees earned through additional excise duties on fuel.
“Modiji has shown tremendous growth in ‘GDP’, that is, gas-diesel prices. The public is riddled with inflation, the Modi government is busy collecting taxes, ”Rahul Gandhi tweeted.
Speaking to reporters, party spokesman Ajay Maken said the excise duty on diesel increased by 820% and on gasoline by 258% during the BJP’s term. “When the UPA government was in power, the price of crude oil was $ 108 per barrel, but gasoline and diesel were at 71.5 rupees and 57.3 rupees per liter, which have now risen to 85 , 7 rupees and 75.8 rupees in Delhi. This, when crude oil is much less than half of the rates during the UPA ”, he said.
Maken said that without excise duty, the price of gasoline would be Rs 61.9 per liter and diesel would be Rs 47.5 per liter, adding that the excise duty on gasoline was Rs 23.7 per liter and diesel of 28.3 rupees. “The government should explain where exactly this money has gone,” he said.

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