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After 7 months, weekly Covid cases below 1 lakh | India News


The declining Covid-19 pandemic in India fell below another significant milestone on Sunday as weekly cases fell below the one lakh mark for the first time in seven months.
India recorded 96,025 new cases in the week (January 18-24), the lowest number since 93,801 infections were reported on June 14-21, which was also the last week in which fewer than a lakh of cases were recorded. of the virus in the country. based on TOI database compiled from state government numbers. Weekly cases had peaked at 6.45.014 from Sept. 6 to Sept. 13 before falling almost steadily through the current week. Currently, weekly cases have dropped to only 15% of the number recorded at the peak.
This week, cases registered a drop of 8.7% compared to the previous seven days. This was the 11th consecutive week of decline in cases. Since they peaked, cases have seen an increase in just one week, the one before Diwali.
The deaths registered by the virus registered a weekly fall of 16.4%. 1,052 deaths were reported during the week, up from 1,259 in the previous seven days. The death toll has dropped for seven weeks in a row.
Covid-related deaths have dropped to almost an eighth of the number recorded at the peak, when the country had reported 8,175 deaths in a single week (September 14-20). Overall, the pandemic has officially claimed 1,53,454 lives in the country so far, the third highest in the world after the United States (nearly 4.3 lakh deaths) and Brazil (2.2 lakh).
The total burden of Covid-19 cases in India stood at close to 10.7 million (10,668,706), just behind the United States’ count of 25.5 million. However, while most of the worst affected countries have experienced a second, or even a third, increase in the pandemic, India’s cases have declined steadily so far since the peak in mid-September. In the current week, active cases in the country have fallen 11.3%, from about 2.1 lakh to almost 1.86 lakh.
On Sunday, India recorded 13,266 new cases, up from 14,891 reported the previous day. Daily deaths also fell below 150 for the first time in five days, with 131 deaths on Sunday.
Kerala continued to have by far the highest number of new cases at 6,036. This was the sixth consecutive day of more than 6,000 new cases in the state, the only one in the country where the pandemic appears to be on the rise. Maharashtra again reported the highest deaths with 45, followed by Kerala (20), Delhi (nine) and Uttar Pradesh, Bengal and Chhattisgarh (eight each).
Maharashtra recorded fewer than 3,000 (2,752) new positive cases for the fourth day in a row and saw a marginal drop in deaths, while Mumbai recorded fewer than 500 (479) new cases on the third day in a row and a slight drop in deaths. Active cases in the state saw a marginal increase while active cases in the city declined.

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