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TMC expels MLA Dalmiya in “strong message” to rebels | India News


TMC on Friday expelled MLA Baishali Dalmiya, his Bally MLA and daughter of former ICC chief Jagmohan Dalmiya, to send what senior party officials said was a “strong message” to a growing band of dissidents.
Dalmiya’s expulsion, which coincided with Minister Rajib Banerjee’s resignation from the government, was not preceded by the usual notice of apparent cause. In a two-line statement, the party said: “Trinamool disciplinary committee meets. Baishali Dalmiya has been expelled from the party. ”
Dalmiya had lashed out at TMC consultant Prashant Kishor’s I-PAC. Like Rajib Banerjee, she also made a “courtesy call” to Raj Bhavan on Friday. In his first reaction to the expulsion, Dalmiya said: “The action only proves what I said before: that the rot has begun.”

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