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PM Modi talks to jab receivers in attempt to allay fears | India News


VARANASI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi joined the campaign on Friday to address concerns about vaccines by holding a virtual interaction with healthcare workers, who attested to the safety of the jab that was administered to them. Interaction with healthcare workers in his LS constituency was broadcast live on Doordarshan.
Doctors’ clean sheet to the vaccine sends a strong message to the people: PM
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he did not rush experts to launch the vaccines despite facing attacks for not launching them earlier. Modi managed to get healthcare workers to share their appointment with the vaccine, especially if they had faced any serious discomfort after receiving the dose.
“When doctors and healthcare workers give a clean ticket to the vaccine, it sends a very strong message among people about the effectiveness of the injections,” Modi said visibly satisfied when a doctor and a laboratory technician joined the nurses to attest to the safety of antiviral vaccines.
“India has launched the largest vaccination campaign in the world and the credit goes to the medical fraternity and scientists, who developed two vaccines in a short period of time. The ‘made in India’ vaccine is also being provided to other countries, ”said the prime minister. He responded to allegations that political considerations were at stake in vaccine permits, saying: “We have followed everything our scientists have suggested.”
She spoke with five recipients and vaccinators, including Pushpa Devi District Women’s Hospital Midwife, an ANM at Shiv Prasad Gupta Divisional Hospital, Rani Kunwar Srivastava, Chief Medical Superintendent of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya District Hospital Dr. B Shukla, Senior laboratory technician at the Ramesh Chandra Rai hospital DDU district and an ANM at the Shrinkhala Chauhan Community Health Center in Hathi Bazar.
Prime Minister Modi said the country had demonstrated the willpower and ability to manufacture its own vaccine. “Today efforts have been made so that vaccines reach all corners of the country at an accelerated rate. Today, India is completely self-sufficient in this world’s greatest need and is also helping many countries, ”he added.
Modi called on medical institutions to participate in a competition to comply with the vaccination campaign so that all front-line crown warriors could get vaccinated as soon as possible.
In response to the prime minister, Dr. Shukla said that 81 members of the medical staff, including himself, were vaccinated on the first day of travel and went on duty for the day after a 30-minute wait. “There is no confusion among medical personnel about the efficacy of the vaccine,” he said, adding that so far more than 10 lakh of vaccines have been administered in India and no major side effects have been reported.

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