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Peasant leaders protesting allege a plot to kill 4 of them | India News


NEW DELHI: Representatives of the farmers protesting on Friday alleged that a conspiracy was hatched to kill four of them and create a riot during their proposed tractor rally on January 26.
At a night press on the Singhu border, the representatives introduced a person who claimed that his accomplices were asked to pose as policemen and attack the crowd during the proposed tractor rally. They claimed that they had captured the man from the protest site on the Singhu border. He was later handed over to the Haryana police.
Peasant leader Kulwant Singh Sandhu alleged that attempts are being made to disrupt the ongoing unrest.
The man, who had his face covered with a handkerchief, claimed that a plan had been devised to shoot four peasant leaders, who are faces known in the media, on stage on January 23.

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