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India controlled by RSS “fascists and chauvinists”, says Rahul Gandhi | India News


TIRUPPUR (TAMIL NADU): Congressional leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday criticized Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) for her “male dominance” and said it is “unfortunate” that the “organization” that controls India today is fascist and male chauvinist.
Answering a question during his interaction with industrial workers at Ramasamy Muthammal Thirumana Mandapam, here, the former president of Congress said that RSS discriminated against women and did not respect them.
“I agree that without giving an equal place to women no country can progress. Unfortunately, the organization that controls India today is a fascist, macho organization. Women are not allowed in the RSS,” he said.
“They (RSS) discriminate against women from the beginning. Any organization that does not let women in obviously does not respect women. If you respected women, you would have given them the same space in your organization,” she added.
In addition, he criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not having public interactions often, saying: “I am talking to you, answering questions. Have you ever seen the prime minister doing that?”
“He will sit in a room with five people, the largest businessmen in the country, and he will discuss with them. He will never discuss with farmers, workers, small businessmen what they think,” said the Wayanad deputy.
He called the agricultural laws passed by the Center “demonetization” for farmers.
“Farm laws are like demonetization for farmers. I am very proud to see that they are sitting outside of Delhi and not allowing Narendra Modi to implement them. He does not understand the power of the poor and our job is to make him understand the power of the poor. , workers and farmers ”, affirmed the leader of Congress.
He added that there is a systematic and organized assault on the workers and poor people of this country.
“Do not think that these are policy errors. They are things that are done on purpose to break the backbone of Indian workers and small and medium-sized Indian companies,” he added.
Gandhi is on a three-day visit to the western belt in Tamil Nadu and will have interactions with farmers, weavers, and the general public.
He will also visit the districts of Tiruppur, Erode, Karur and Dindigul between January 23 and 25.

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