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FIR against Cambridge Analytica for illegal data collection | India News


Almost 30 months after an investigation began against Cambridge Analytica into the IT ministry’s complaint, the CBI filed an FIR against the UK firm and another firm Global Science Research on charges of illegal data collection of 5.6 lakh from individuals.
App founder defendant named at CBI FIR
The goal of illegally collecting 5.6 lakh data from Indians by CA and GSR was possibly to profile and influence surveys.
CBI says its investigation revealed that GSR illegally obtained data sets and passed them on to CA for commercial gain. It found that the defendants collected data from 335 Indian users and, through these accounts, managed to get their ‘friends’ data of 5.62 lakh through an app called ‘thisisyourdigitallife’. There is a political dimension to the case, as the BJP had accused Congress of using CA as part of its electoral strategy. Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had warned social media companies not to “interfere” with Indian polls.
The app’s founder, Alexander Kogan, has also been named a defendant in the FIR, as has Alexander Nix from CA. The data collected included demographic information, pages I liked on FB, etc. CBI says its investigation revealed that Facebook had collected written certificates from both companies in 2016-17 stating that the data they had collected through the app was accounted for and destroyed. . “While this confirms that they had collected the data, it has not been established that they were destroyed,” he said.
CBI said it had contacted the 335 users who were the main downloaders of the app and six of them responded and unanimously recorded their statements stating that they did not know that their data and that of their friends had been collected. Cambridge Analytica had come under fire in 2018 in a major data breach controversy.

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