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Army officers move to SC for breach of their order to grant permanent commission | India News


NEW DELHI: Many female Army officers have addressed the Supreme Court claiming that their order directing the central government to grant a Standing Commission (CP) to female officers in the Army’s non-combat support units on par with their male counterparts it was not implemented properly.
One of those petitions was filed by a female officer, through her attorney, Chitrangda Rastravara and Advocate on Record (AOR) Archana Pathak Dave, to the Supreme Court seeking immediate instructions to implement the February 2020 order.
The copy of the petition, read and for the exclusive access of the ANI, presented to the Supreme Court by the female Army officer, revealed that to date, as regards the procedural aspects of the implementation, there are certain ambiguities, that have not been attended by the Army.
Rastravara, while speaking to ANI, said that the Supreme Court had clearly ordered the central government in its February 2020 verdict to grant all benefits to all female officers, including the PC, including promotion and all consequential benefits, regardless of the number of officers. years of service they could have rendered.
“Despite the ruling of the Supreme Court, the execution of the sentence is done only for good optics, and to eliminate female Army officers instead of including them in the institution according to the intention of the instructions given by the Supreme Court, “he told ANI.
“This case is about female Army officers who are denied their right to CP, which despite a prolonged legal battle of more than a decade, is still not a reality today, due to the absence of a clear policy on the procedure adopted to evaluate female officers and the application of arbitrary parameters by the army without any basis, he added.
Rastravara alleged that female Army officers still fight gender stereotypes before the Supreme Court. He also requested the intervention of the Supreme Court to direct the execution of his own order in letter and spirit, by the defendant, Army, after one year of the ruling.
“The arbitrary unknown / unreported benchmark of scoring above the lowest rated men’s officer from the parallel group is one of the parameters that has never been applied in the usual case of men’s officers and, therefore, it is affecting the morale of these highly deserving female officers, “she said.
“The Army, however, stated that out of 615 female officers, 422 are eligible and suitable for CP in the Army. But in reality, only 277 out of 422 have received CP and the remaining number, that is, 145 are officers who are whether they are non-members or whose results are withheld for medical and administrative reasons. 193 officers have been denied PC, “he added.
According to Rastravara’s request, the figure of 422 is a figure for “good optics” only and does not “really represent the real number.”
“Therefore, finding those officers who are not members of the board of directors suitable for the CP and denying the same to members of the opposition smells of great arbitrariness,” the petition reads.
These petitions are likely to go to a Supreme Court hearing on January 27.

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