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Rape of Nadda’s convoy in West Bengal because Bengal failed to manage the outer cordon | India News


NEW DELHI: In claiming that the December 10 attack on the convoy of BJP President and CRPF protégé JP Nadda in West Bengal was a violation of its outer security cordon, a domain of the state government, the director general of the CRPF AP Maheshwari tried Thursday to ensure the force had all systems in place to ensure a VIP is safely recovered from a situation where the outer ring of their security is weakened.
When asked about the force’s assessment of what had gone wrong with the Nadda security detail, Maheshwari said: “We (CRPF) are in close protection…. Whatever happened in the outer ring, which is in the domain of the state government, is under investigation by other authorities and not by us … But then … we are also aware … that the outer cordon can weaken and if it weakens then how and what do we have to do. We have the security systems in place and we are able to carry out a VIP from such a situation, safe and secure ”.
A CRPF official told TOI that the number of police personnel assigned by local SPs to guard Nadda’s outer security cordon had fallen short as crowds increased along the convoy route. “It was the responsibility of the local police officers to review the requirement and assign more personnel, based on a dynamic assessment of the crowd,” the officer said.
With the movement of VIPs expected to increase in poll-linked states, including West Bengal, Maheshwari said that CRPF, which protects 62 VIPs, was in contact with all stakeholders that make up the safety net to ensure that all the gaps are filled.
The Director General added that CRPF, which insures former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the three members of the Gandhi family, is continually improving the skill set of its personnel involved in VIP security and “meeting the standards” with SPG.

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