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Cleric Furfura to fight the urns; a ‘BJP puppet’, says TMC | India News


KOLKATA: Furfura Sharif’s cleric in West Bengal, Abbas Siddiqui, launched his team, the Indian Secular Front, on Thursday, prompting a Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader to call the pirzada a “BJP puppet.” .
The new team, launched as a platform for Muslims, Dalits and Adivasis, has been irritating to TMC, which has the support of the minority vote bank, particularly in the north and south of the 24 Parganas, where the influential cleric has been celebrating. their religious jals. for a couple of months. The two districts have 64 seats in the assembly, of which TMC won 56 in the 2016 polls.
Siddiqui reaffirmed his decision weeks ago after AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi visited him and promised to work with him. AIMIM is looking at some districts in North Bengal, while Siddiqui’s Secular Front plans to contest between 50 and 60 seats in the assembly in the next elections. The two parties are interested in about 100 seats with a strong Muslim presence. Their “joint work” may affect TMC’s prospects in these seats giving Bengal’s ruling party a natural advantage over the BJP.
“Our goal is to bring the underprivileged classes into the mainstream,” said the pirzada. Siddiqui dismissed the charge that he was an “Owaisi clone and BJP puppet”, and had joined the fray to make things easier for the BJP by splitting the votes.

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