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Center acting “unilaterally” on key issues, must maintain spirit of cooperative federalism: Hemant Soren | India News

NEW DELHI: Having disagreed with the Modi government on various issues such as GST quotas, Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren has accused the Center of acting “unilaterally” on several important matters, saying that Jharkhand should be consulted. states to maintain the spirit of cooperative federalism. .
Soren, who was on a visit to Delhi earlier this week, had met separately with three Union ministers: Interior Minister Amit Shah, Minister of Coal and Mines Pralhad Joshi and Minister of Road Transport and Nitin Gadkari roads. Many saw the meetings as an effort to reestablish ties with the Center after a series of clashes on various issues.
Jharkhand Chief Executive Mukti Morcha (JMM) also stated that opposition parties, including Congress, the left, and strong regional forces, must take a concerted approach to fighting the BJP both in the Center and in the states in the who are in power.
In an interview with PTI, Soren also dismissed the BJP’s allegation that law and order had deteriorated under his rule and alleged that the opposition in his state was attempting to “smear the image of the state.”
“There is no public order problem in my state. What happens is that we keep all the facts in the public domain and the opposition uses them for their political advantage and we have been trying to smear the image of the state,” he said.
“Unlike Uttar Pradesh and other states, we never hide any incidents. They hide incidents; we do not hide and take immediate action. I have instructed the highest level police officers to take immediate action and speedy resolution of the cases, “Soren said.
When asked about his run-ins with the Center on issues such as the goods and services tax (GST) quotas and the coal block auction, Soren said that last year, issues such as medical care during Covid-19, financial affairs, GST quotas, coal block. auction, the suspension of the operation of three medical schools have been regularly reported to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other Union ministers.
“But the central government has been constantly ignoring our recommendations and acting unilaterally on the issues without considering our contributions,” he alleged.
“The Center must consult the states on key issues that impact them to maintain the spirit of cooperative federalism,” he said.
Soren has criticized the Center for the GST compensation issue and accused it of failing to pay its fees.
When asked if Congress had failed to rally the opposition to take on the BJP, he said it would not be correct to say that Congress has failed and that disappointments are part of the electoral battle game.
On whether in the future it is important for regional parties to be the lynchpin of the opposition alliance, Soren said regional parties are playing a crucial role in winning seats, as they understand the realities on the ground in a better way.
“But it is not only important to win seats; we also need a strong alliance that is on the same page. And the biggest challenge is coordinating all the opposition parties and forming a strong alliance against the BJP,” Soren said.
“In recent years, we have seen regional parties gain more strength and importance in Indian politics. Each state has different requirements, which are better understood by the regional parties,” said the chief minister of Jharkhand.
On the launch of the vaccination program in the country, Soren said that the inoculation campaign is being successfully implemented in Jharkhand.
“A total of 99.89 lakhs of people have been identified for vaccination in the state. In the first phase, 1.5 lakhs of health workers and 2 lakhs of frontline workers are vaccinated. Older people and the elderly. critically ill people will receive vaccinations in the next phase, “he said.
Highlighting the state’s preparations for the mass vaccination campaign, he said that at least 275 vaccine stores have been established across the state and district-level steering committees have been formed under the chairmanship of the respective district deputy commissioner to oversee the implementation of the program.
Soren, who completed a year in office last month, said her government’s focus is on renewing education, nutrition, women’s empowerment, skills and employment development, tribal welfare, industry, sports. and state tourism.

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