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BJP Demands LoP Position at MCGM, SC Sends Notice to Mayor | India News


NEW DELHI: Deciding which party, based on its numerical strength, should win the position of leader of the opposition is not difficult, but the issue attracted the attention of the Supreme Court by changing the equation between Shiv Sena and the BJP, whose ties Friendlies have turned into rivalry, in Maharashtra he found reverberations in the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.
In the 2017 elections, Shiv Sena won 84 seats, BJP 82 and Congress 31 in the 227-member corporation. Since SS-BJP were coalition partners in the government of Maharashtra, BJP decided not to compete for the position of mayor by paving the way for Shiv Sena, who from 1985 to 2017 had controlled the wealthiest civic body on his own, to take over The charge. The BJP also decided to voluntarily resign from the LoP post due to its existing coalition with Sena. The post went to Congress.
After the 2019 Assembly elections, Sena showed his muscles, broke the alliance with the BJP, and formed the government in coalition with the NCP and Congress. Left to lick his wounds, BJP sought to regain LoP’s position at MCGM from Congress. However, the mayor refused and ruled that once the LoP position was voluntarily relinquished, it cannot be returned. Interestingly, the Bombay High Court also agreed with the mayor. BJP’s corporate, Pranbhakar Tukaram Shinde, moved to SC.
For Shinde, leading defender Mukul Rohatgi told a bench of Supreme Court Chief Justice SA Bobde and Justices AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian that it was unthinkable under the Constitution that a party with the second-highest number of corporations in MCGM would be denied the LoP seat, awarded to Congress that reached a poor third in the 2017 civic body elections.
The bank said: “But, he chose not to take the LoP position.” Rohatgi explained: “That was because at that time there was a link between the two parties at the national and state level. Now it has soured. So the party wants to claim the LoP seat, which it rightfully owes.” ”
Rohatgi said: “It would be a parody of the constitutional scheme of government if the LoP position remained in Congress, which is part of the governing coalition led by Shiv Sena at the state level. How can something so incongruous happen that it mocks the democracy? ”
The bank told lead attorney CA Sundaram, who appeared before the MCGM mayor, to file a response to Shinde’s request within 15 days. “There appears to be an incongruity in the situation. We will examine it. We will decide this issue at the next hearing date and will not grant any postponement. Please present your response in a positive way. We want you to address us on the issue: whether the mayor is prohibited from exercising again its powers to determine who the LoP should be if it had already made a decision about it in the past, “the bank told Sundaram.
Shinde in his petition argued that there is no prohibition in law for a party, which had previously refused to accept the position of LoP, from claiming its legitimate duty in an elected body if there is a diametrical change in the political situation.

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