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UP police officers will use artificial intelligence to read faces and help women in danger | India News


LUCK: In a unique project that involves the use of cutting-edge technology in police surveillance and crime prevention, special cameras enabled for Artificial Intelligence (AI), capable of reading facial expressions, will be installed in 200 crime hotspots in the city. state capital and will sound alerts to the police control room when they notice signs of women in danger.
The project will be part of the Uttar Pradesh government’s Mission Shakti program, launched in October 2020, and the Union government’s Safe City project.
Lucknow Police Commissioner DK Thakur told TOI on Thursday: “We have identified 200 hotspots in the city on the basis of the presence of girls and women in an area and reports of street crime on Women Power Line 1090 and complaints stalking and harassing UP 112. ”
A senior police officer said that all AI-enabled cameras will be linked to the control room, while a ‘pink patrol unit’ and UP 112 emergency response vehicle will remain deployed near the access point for ensure timely intervention. “The cameras will also be equipped to read license plates and verify vehicle registration data. Any unusual activity will also generate an alert.

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