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Uma Bharti Appeals to JP Nadda for Total Ban in BJP-Ruled States | India News


BHOPAL: Even as Congress and the ruling BJP have crossed swords over alcoholic beverage policy in Madhya Pradesh, former Chief Minister Uma Bharti has vehemently opposed the opening of new liquor stores in the state. The BJP leader appealed to National President JP Nadda to prepare for a total ban on the sale of liquor in all BJP-governed states. Bharti said that people’s lives are more precious than generating income.
“I want to publicly appeal to the chairman of the BJP, JP Nadda through this tweet, to prepare for the total ban in all the states governed by the BJP. Political parties are under pressure to win the elections, but the victory of the BJP in Bihar has shown that it was due to the ban on women from voting one – handed out by Nitish Kumar, “Bharti said.
In a series of tweets, the BJP leader said she welcomed the statement by the prime minister of Parliament that the government has not made any decision on increasing the number of liquor stores in the state.
“During the closure of Covid-19, there was an almost total ban on the sale of liquor. People died due to other causes and corona, but not from alcohol consumption,” he tweeted. Recently, several people died in UP and MP from drinking liquor. Most traffic accidents are caused by drunk drivers. It is surprising that liquor is the messenger of death, it is still a hunger for income and pressure from the liquor mafia does not allow the ban, he added.
Uma Bharti also blamed state governments for promoting liquor sales. “It is the government system that manages the consumption of liquor among the public. It is like a mother whose responsibility is to protect her child by feeding him. What happens if the mother gives poison to the child? Opening liquor stores with government machinery is similar , ” she said.
Bharti further said: “Prohibition is not a deficit deal. Loss of revenue from prohibition could be recovered anywhere, but incidents under the influence of alcohol such as rapes, murders, accidents, rapes of girls are scary and a stigma for the country. and society “.
The BJP leader said millions of rupees were spent to maintain law and order. The ban is an important step and a debate can be started on this, he tweeted.

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