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Brazil and Morocco may need to wait longer for desi jabs | India News


Countries like Brazil and Morocco may have to wait a few more days for Covid-19 vaccines “made in India” as India sharpens its vaccine diplomacy for geopolitical and strategic benefits. It is understood that the government has yet to approve landing rights for planes that are sent to pick up the vaccine shipment.
As India shipped the first shipments of vaccines to its immediate neighbors, sources said it will be a matter of days before exports of vaccines to Brazil and others such as Saudi Arabia, Morocco and South Africa can begin.
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro had said on January 15 that a plane would be sent to India to collect the vaccines after making an urgent appeal in a letter to the prime minister requesting two million doses of Covishield. But in case of lack of communication between the two governments and the Serum Institute, the process had to stop. The Indian position had to be explained to the Bolsonaro government by Ambassador Suresh Reddy. There is also the possibility that Air India will transport the vaccines to Brazil and Morocco once the government decides, rather than having its planes enter the country, the sources said.
Meanwhile, Air India planes landed in Male and Thimphu with doses of “Covishield” on Wednesday.

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