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The committee will proceed with or without protesting farmers: Supreme Court | India News


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court told protesting farmers ‘unions on Wednesday that its committee, tasked with submitting a report to the court after colliding farmers’ views on controversial farm laws, would proceed with or without their participation and attempts of tarnishing the reputation of panel members by calling them biased.
“If you don’t want to appear before the committee, we will not force you,” said a bank of Supreme Court Chief Justice SA Bobde and Justices AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian immediately after eight of 40 farmers’ unions protested at the Singhu border over last time. 50 days he informed the court, through his lawyer Prasahant Bhushan, that they would not participate in the process before the higher court or appear before the committee appointed by the SC.
While seeking a two-week response from the parties on filling the vacancy on the four-member committee caused by BS Mann’s resignation, the CJI-led bank frowned on how the expert panel members had been branded of biased by the protesters. farmers’ unions, and questioned the credentials of critics who had even criticized the court, suggesting that he had some interest in selecting them as committee members.
Other committee members are Parmod Kumar Joshi, Agricultural Economist, Director for South Asia, International Food Policy Research Institute; Ashok Gulati, agricultural economist and former chairman of the Agricultural Prices and Costs Commission; and Anil Ghanwat, President of Shetkari Sanghatana.
Calling the members “the brightest minds in the field of agriculture,” the bank said, “When the committee has no adjudicating power, how can the members be biased and how will it affect the cause? We appointed the committee to listen to farmers and stakeholders and give us a report on which clauses are causing problems. It is the Supreme Court that will judge the validity of the laws ”.
He added: “There is no need to brand people and defame them in this way. And on top of that, slander on the court? On the first day, we told (Harish) Salve that this (farmers’ protest) is not an appropriate case for us to judge. We should not consider this issue at all. We consider this in the interest of the public, including farmers. We kept the laws in place and appointed a committee. This committee has no adjudicative powers. If you don’t want to show up, don’t show up, why are you branding people like that? ”
Advocate Ajay Choudhary, who appeared for All India Kisan Mahapanchayat, told the court that according to newspaper reports, members had already expressed their views in favor of the farm laws and protesting farmers felt they were biased.
The bank asked: “What do the newspaper reports say? Do these members not understand the subject? They are the brightest minds in agriculture today. They have a reputation that none of their critics have. They are experts in the field. How do you defame them just because they have expressed an opinion in the past? ”
“In fact, Mann had asked for a change in the laws. So can you say he was in favor of the laws? This has almost become a cultural thing now. Flag people you don’t love and criticize people like that. We don’t appreciate it, ”the bank added.

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