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Covid-19: States Launch An Awareness Blitz to Address Vaccine Doubts | India News

NEW DELHI: Several states and cities launched a awareness bomb on Wednesday to inject confidence in healthcare workers about Covid-19 vaccines and increase participation, which has been lower than expected in inoculation centers, and particularly low in some, since the first phase of the immunization campaign on January 16.
Increasingly, vaccine recipients are recruited to help counter doubts, as counseling becomes the most important tool in efforts to achieve goals in the first phase. Vaccinated healthcare workers in Delhi, where turnout has been below 50% for the past two days, have been asked to make videos in which they talk about their health after receiving the vaccinations. Recipients are also calling on those who remain reluctant to share their experience and updates on their health. In Gurgaon, private hospitals, which are carrying out most of the vaccinations, have deployed high-level doctors to convince health workers to take the hit.

Covid-19: States Launch An Awareness Blitz to Address Vaccine Doubts | India News

In Punjab, which is among the states with the lowest vaccination coverage so far, the state government has begun reaching out to recipients to persuade them. Punjab Covid Nodal Officer Dr. Rajesh Bhaskar said a dedicated team was set up to call and encourage recipients to get their doses. Dr. Bhaskar said that senior health department officials began taking the vaccine to allay concerns, and he would be vaccinated himself on Thursday. In the first three days of the campaign, only 5,561 have received the first dose, while their goal is to immunize 1.74 lakhs of health workers in the first phase.
In Maharashtra, where low turnout has also been a concern, Health Minister Rajesh Tope said the government will reach out to all 8 lakh of registered health workers to be vaccinated through awareness campaigns, including when allowing that walk-ins appear to have had a positive impact on participation. . The numbers for rural Maharashtra on Wednesday were encouraging, and by 7 p.m. the state had hit 68% of the target set for the day. This was higher than the 65% they achieved on day 1 of the trip. Two districts, Amravati and Hingoli, had more than 100% participation.
Mumbai reported a 52% turnout, but a large portion was “walk-in” as the text messages generated by Co-WIN did not appear to have reached the target recipients.
Health officials said they expected coverage to increase as news about vaccine safety spreads and apprehensions about side effects dissipate. The tireless counseling efforts yielded encouraging results. Dhananjay Thakur (33), a health care support staff at Columbia Asia Hospital in Gurgaon, said he took the vaccine after receiving advice from doctors. Thakur said he was worried about getting sick after the vaccination. “When I told the vaccination officer that I was not sure, she called some senior doctors and asked them to talk to me. I spoke with them for 30 minutes and signed up,” he said. Since then, Thakur has been advising others to do the same.

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