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Three youths killed at Lawaypora’s J&K gathering last month participated in the militancy: IGP | India News


SRINAGAR: The three youths killed in a shooting with security forces in Lawaypora last month were involved in the militancy, Kashmir Police Inspector General Vijay Kumar said on Monday, adding that the police will soon convince their parents of this with concrete evidence.
“Their participation has been proven to almost 60 percent. We are getting the data and we will convince their parents,” he said.
He said the police were not yet deliberately sharing the information as the issue was very sensitive.
“According to the metadata that we have collected so far, the three associates who died in the meeting were involved in the militancy. They were providing logistical support (to the militants). We want to take a few more days to collect all the evidence that we will show to their parents first. to convince them of their children’s participation, “Kumar told reporters here.
Security forces had said that the three local militants were killed in the encounter in Lawaypora on the outskirts of Srinagar in the last week of December, but their families claimed that the youths were civilians.
When asked about the demand to hand over the trio’s bodies to their families, Kumar said there was no question because their involvement in the militancy had been proven.
The IGP said the bodies of killed militants or associated militants will not be handed over to their families in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, as people could gather at funerals and violate protocols.
“Protocol is followed in the event of the death of a civilian, but, if we hand over the bodies of militants or associates, people get excited and attend funerals by the thousands,” he said.
Kumar said the pandemic is not over yet and that if the bodies of militants or militant associates are handed over to their families, it will be difficult to prevent people from gathering.
“Then we will have to fight against the people, use tear gas or maybe even pellets. Then they will also criticize us. The bodies of the murdered militants have been buried in the presence of their relatives. So there is no logic in another burial,” he told the press the Inspector General of Police (IGP).
He said it is in the people’s best interest that the police do not turn over the bodies.
“Until COVID ends, we will not hand over the bodies of militants or militant associates,” he said.
On a question about the allegation that the attraction of reward money led to Amshipora’s false encounter in the murder of three people from Rajouri, the IGP said the issue has been misrepresented in the media.
“The reward money is given to the source and not to any official. In this case too, the commander of his company had promised it and he has also given the money to the source. The source also accepted before a magistrate who received the money. He has not said that the Major or the Commander received the money, “Kumar said.
On the arrangements for the Republic Day functions, the IGP said the militants would try to disrupt the functions, but the police will ensure that all such attempts are thwarted.
“We have made all the preparations. Verification and cordon off and registration (operations) have been started, nakas have been established. Our staff is ready, technical support and human resources are also there and we are keeping watch. Terrorists will make attempts , but we are alert and the focus is on preventive intelligence … There will also be some preventive arrests, “he said.
Kumar said that ground workers (OGW) from terrorist groups or militant associates have been seen in recent times to be involved in cases of opening fire with pistols, throwing grenades or improvised explosive devices, and it was a priority for the police to deal with the problems. .
“Yesterday, we arrested a young man from Anantnag along with a pistol and he accepted that he had the task of killing someone. Young people are being lured as OGW, but the police are alert and we are tracking them through technical surveillance and human resources and this is a priority for us, “he said.

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