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Tathagata files a police complaint against Bengali actor for “hurt feelings” through a meme | India News


CALCUTTA: BJP Senior Leader and former Meghalaya Governor Tathagata Roy filed a police complaint against Bengali actress Saayoni Ghosh for a meme shared on Twitter, claiming it hurt the feelings of Hindus.
Ghosh, however, claimed that the meme dates back to February 2015 and was not posted by her, but rather an act of mischief by someone who hacked into her account at the time.
“… Therefore, you have committed a crime under Section 295A of the IPC … Now, be prepared for the consequences,” Roy said on Twitter.
“@ sayani06, it has already been reported to the Kolkata police. The complaint is attached. Meanwhile, a person from Guwahati has told me that his meme has hurt his religious feelings and he is filing a complaint. I hope the Assam police will accept knowledge and request preventive detention, “he added.
The veteran BJP leader also said that another person from Bengaluru has complained to the police about the matter.
The young actress, in her response, tweeted: “Dear all, I have been brought to a post from 2015 that is extremely disgusting … for all your information, I joined Twitter in 2010 and after a brief use I lost interest in moving forward. However, the account remained. ”
Ghosh said that he later found out that his account had been hacked and that he needed to get it back immediately.
“For various reasons, we were only able to do that after 2017 and I got back in touch with the Twitter world with a bang. We have skipped a few unnecessary posts and removed most of them,” he said.
Roy had also objected to a recent comment by Ghosh about the chanting of “Jai Sri Ram” by young men on motorcycles.

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