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Tamil Nadu shows the way to reduce road deaths by nearly 54% in 4 years | India News


NEW DELHI: Tamil Nadu has set an example among states by recording a nearly 54% drop in road deaths per year in four years, from 15,855 deaths in 2016 (through November) to 7,287 through the same month of 2020, at a time when the Center has set itself the goal of reducing total deaths in the country by 50% in the next nine years.
Although the total number of people who died in road accidents dropped significantly in 2020 due to the Covid-induced lockdown, Tamil Nadu has been seeing a continuous decline in deaths since 2016. Now the Ministry of Road Transport and the World Bank will spread the TN model to identify the exact cause of deaths, ambulance arriving at the scene in 13 minutes, rectification of crash sites and smooth coordination between various agencies, which can be adopted by others to verify the number of deaths on the road.
India loses 415 lives per day in road accidents, the highest number in the world. “If we continue to wait until 2030, at least 6-7 lakh people will die due to road accidents … If Tamil Nadu can do it, all states can progress,” said Union Minister of Road Transport Nitin Gadkari , at the start of the month-long Road Safety campaign on Monday. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh also said that large numbers of young people, who are active in the country, die in traffic accidents.
Elaborating on Tamil Nadu, an official from the state department of transportation said that steps include collecting robust data on accidents, identifying and removing ‘black spots’, providing emergency and medical care, educating Drivers on safe driving and police and transport wing app. . Since 2015, a total of 4.15 lakh of driver’s licenses have been suspended for violating traffic rules.
“A special allocation for road safety is made annually and last year 65 million rupees were kept for this purpose. We have an ambulance every 25 km. Response time has been reduced to just 13 minutes from over an hour 10 years ago. We also have transportation department offices every 25 km and officials get to the site quickly in the event of an accident, ”said Sampath Kumar of the state transportation department.
He said the state transportation minister holds a meeting of all wings interested in road safety every three months and the collector of each district chairs a meeting every month. Performance on the road safety front has become a critical input when analyzing the performance of field officers in their annual performance reports. In the office of the additional DGP (traffic and road safety) a control room was set up at the state level to monitor the operation of 272 highway patrol vehicles by fixing GPS on them, the official said.

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