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Riot in Kutch as a fundraising rally for Ayodhya Ram Temple Turns Violent | India News


RAJKOT: Riots broke out between mobs from two communities in villages near Gandhidham in Kutch, when a rally organized to raise funds for the construction of the great Ram temple in Ayodhya turned violent on Sunday.
While the situation was tense for the first time in the village of Sadau, the waves spread to the village of Kidana, adjacent to Gandhidham, where the mobs turned violent and resorted to arson. Official sources said the rally was organized by VHP and the fundraising altercation suddenly turned into riots.
In the village of Kidana, a curfew-like situation prevailed, where prohibition orders were imposed under Section 144 of the IPC due to heavy unrest. The sources said that some criminals attacked people at the demonstration, prompting an escalation of violations.
“A large crowd had gathered during the rath yatra and there were stonings. We also fired tear gas projectiles and the situation is under control now, ”said JR Mothaliya, IGP rank, Kutch. “Some people have also been detained,” he added.
There were heavy stonings against police personnel in which some policemen were injured, sources said. Members of the local community were tied up to ensure peace in the village. “We ask people of both faiths not to pay attention to rumors that may increase tension,” said Juma Raima, a local community leader.

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