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Covishield jab takes 4 minutes, Covaxin doubles that time | India News


MUMBAI: If it takes about four minutes to go through the documents and administer the Covishield vaccine, it takes twice as long for the Covaxin vaccine.
The time associated with the Covaxin vaccine is longer because the recipient, unlike the Covishield vaccine takers, has to sign a consent form as per the authorization requirement from the General Medicines Controller of India (DGCI). “Additionally, blood pressure, temperature and oxygen saturation readings should be taken from the receiver,” said Dr. Ranjit Mankeshwar, acting dean of the state-run JJ Byculla Hospital. JJ Hospital is one of six centers where Covaxin is available.
The recipient of the Covaxin vaccine is also asked a series of questions, such as contact with people who traveled. “The recipient is given a three-page document in which they must select an option if they develop any symptoms within the next seven days,” said one doctor. The document must be subsequently delivered to the vaccinators.
Recipients of the Covishield vaccine from the Serum Institute of India, on the other hand, don’t get any questions. Only your proof of identity is verified. However, many doctors advise people to see their family doctor for a thorough evaluation of any possible allergic reaction.
All vaccine recipients must wait 30 minutes after vaccination to be observed.
Dr. S Nikam, a civil surgeon at Amravati District Hospital, said a minimum of 40 minutes, including 10 minutes for pre-vaccine and vaccine work, is required for each recipient receiving Covaxin.
Covishield and Covaxin are different types of vaccines. While Covaxin is made from an inactivated or killed virus, Covishield uses a replication-deficient chimpanzee viral vector that is a weakened version of a common cold virus (adenovirus). “Covaxin is safe because it is based on an inactivated virus and has very little or no side effects,” said Dr. TP Lahane, head of the state’s department of medical education.

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