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Pakistan continues to incite Kashmiri youth to terrorism: COG Chinar Corps | India News


SRINAGAR: Lt. Gen. BS Raju, General Commanding Officer (GOC), Chinar Corps, said on Sunday that Pakistan continues to instigate the youth of the Kashmir Valley into terrorism by various means, indoctrinating them and sending them back through the Line of Control (LoC).
Speaking exclusively with ANI, he added that terrorists from the neighboring country also continue to attack our security forces and civilians in populated areas, waiting for the forces to react and cause more civilian casualties.
Pakistan continues to be the main instigator to propel youth towards terrorism by various means. It has attracted many young people to study. But, along the way, some have been indoctrinated. Some of them have been trained and sent back through the Line of Control (LoC) as part of the infiltration columns, as well as across the international border. Pakistani terrorists attack our security forces and civilians within the Valley in crowded areas. They expect us to react and cause more civilian casualties. Then they use it as propaganda to tarnish our image and then go on to react, “he said.
Accusing Pakistan of using social media to spread misinformation and attract new recruits, Raju noted that terrorists encourage groundworkers to throw grenades or fire pistols at low-value targets and also initiate them into terrorist ranks, but the people are aware of Pakistani design.
“Recruitment by terrorists in 2020 is quite under control, especially compared to 2018. The current terrorist force in the valley is 217, which is the lowest in the last decade. Pakistan’s desire to send weapons and drugs through drones / tunnels is definitely a challenge. Pakistan’s basic desire is to destabilize Kashmir. As we became strong in the LC and were able to plug the gaps, Pakistan began to adopt alternative means of using drones to launch weapons. To defeat the use of drones, we are using surveillance devices to detect and block these aerial platforms, ”he added.
“The use of tunnels by terrorists is basically prevalent in the Jammu region. The Army and BSF have found many. In fact, we discovered one a few days ago. We are using many techniques to detect them, including the use of Ground Penetrating Radars. The conclusion is that we must remain vigilant to plug all the gaps. In fact, I would urge the local population to remain vigilant, especially for drug transport, as it can weaken the system and corrupt society, “he added.
The Army official said that technology and techniques are constantly being updated in Chinar Corps to prevent infiltration. “To begin with, we reworked our implementations with some analysis on the technology front. There is a huge infusion of equipment for surveillance, for detection and later for neutralization, our ability to detect and neutralize at night has also improved and this is how we have a number of successful contacts in the evening, “he said.
Attacking Pakistan for using ceasefire violations to help terrorists infiltrate the Valley, he added that during such situations the military, somehow, there is a clear disincentive for such behavior from the other side.
“My main message to young people is that you can come back and we will take care of you. This is a message that we have constantly transmitted to all stakeholders, be they terrorists, parents and the community. We have demonstrated the same on The ground as well. In the last 6 months, 17 of those who have gone astray have returned and we will take care of them. We are currently working with the government for a proper Surrender Policy. My call to the youth who have gone astray is to return. They can return at any time moment, even during operations. They can call anyone, their parents, our helpline and we will organize their return, “he said.
Raju, speaking about the role of the Chinar Corps in helping the locals, added: “We are aware that the people are the center of gravity and, within them, the youth remain our focus. In fact, the foundation of Our company’s operations are completely entangled with the locals in towns and cities.The company commander is the first to respond to any emergency, be it fire, accident or drowning.
“We have recently started the concept of a – Company Commander Day. We also hold a large number of events: sports, village games, cultural, debates, skill development, painting, all of these are very well answered by the locals with great enthusiasm. ” added.

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