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Congressional leaders demand that JPC investigate Arnab Goswami’s WhatsApp chats | India News

NEW DELHI: Congressional leaders have called on the government to launch a JPC investigation into the ‘Chatgate’ involving Republic TV editor Arnab Goswami and former BARC director Partho Dasgupta, claiming there was evidence that he was in so much of the Balakot airstrikes that were “planned” by the BJP regime solely with the Lok Sabha elections in mind.
Amid mounting drama, Congress witnessed strong push to address the issue, and the party plans to hold a “big press conference” in the next few hours to round up the government and demand a serious investigation.
Former I&B Minister and Lok Sabha MP Manish Tewari, referring to the leaked WhatsApp chats, tweeted: “If the reporting sections of the media are correct, then it points to a direct link between the Balakot airstrikes and the 2019 general election. Was national security exploited for electoral purposes? He needs a JPC investigation. ”

Congressional leaders demand that JPC investigate Arnab Goswami's WhatsApp chats | India News

Although part of the PRT manipulation scam, Goswami’s talks now have the political class focusing on what they supposedly knew beforehand about the air strikes.
Tagging Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Congressional veteran and former Interior Minister P Chidambaram tweeted: “Did a journalist (and his friend) know about the retaliatory attack on Balakot camp three days before the actual attack? If so, what is the guarantee that your ‘source’ did not share the information with others as well, including spies or informants working for Pakistan? How did a “For Your Eyes Only” decision come to the journalist who supports the government? ”
Diplomat-turned-MP Shashi Tharoor, in a scathing tweet, said: “The leaked chats reveal three reprehensible things that require serious investigation: the leak of military secrets to a television channel for commercial purposes, a ‘nationalist’ gloating for the death of 40 Jawans as an ‘attack we have won like crazy’ and fraudulent manipulation of the TRPs. But if the government does not carry out such an investigation (and we all hope it will not, given the evidence of its complicity in the betrayals revealed), who will do it? Is this something else that we will have to bring a PIL to the Supreme Court for?
Jairam Ramesh added, “Since 1967, BARC has been synonymous with the Bhabha Atomic Research Center. Thanks to Arnab Goswami, another self-proclaimed BARC – Broadcast Audience Research Council – is in the news now. The first BARC built a strong and scientific India. The other BARC is aiding and instigating weapons of mass disinformation. ”

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