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89 get bail in case of lynching of Palghar | India News


MUMBAI: The Thane Special Court on Saturday granted bail to 89 people charged in the Palghar lynching case in April 2020, in which two psychics and their driver were killed by a mob in a town in Kasa, Palghar .
Arguments on their bail requests were heard by District Judge SB Bahalkar on January 6. They were released on bail of 15,000 rupees each and bail. Special counsel Satish Maneshinde had told the court that the defendants requesting bail were present at the crime scene on April 16, 2020, but had not played an active role in the crime. The Kasa police had filed a murder case and other sections against a mob of more than 500 unidentified people from the Kasa tribal villages.
Of the 246 defendants, 115 are already out on bail.

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