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Pay and Skip Quarantine: Police Busting Mumbai Airport Scam | India News


MUMBAI: Police arrested a 35-year-old deputy engineer and two accomplices in the Mumbai Sahar on Friday for their alleged role in raising 4,000 rupees for each traveler arriving at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) who wanted to bypass the institutional quarantine mandatory.
The police confiscated Rs 1.4 lakh in cash, 200 Saudi riyals, a fake home quarantine rubber stamp, some letterheads with stamps and signatures of doctors from some of the major private hospitals in Dinesh Gawande’s bag (35) which was sent by BMC to the airport. since Dec 23rd and I had to check flyers from Dubai, Kuwait and USA on P6 on Friday.
Police are investigating whether the officials helped Gawande obtain the bribes and the number of booklets he authorized with false documents. If convicted, he can be sentenced to seven years in prison.
Gawande’s luck ran out when he broke into a bathroom and came back with a bag after pushing a cleaning staff lady who was walking aside around 5.50am. “The woman complained to CISF and MIAL officials after suspecting Gawande, who claimed that Ashraf Sarang (41) and Vivek Singh (32) helped him at the airport duty-free shop to make false health certificates. The trio were booked under the IPC sections for violation of prohibition orders, cheating, forgery, forgery of a brand used by a public servant and under the Epidemic and Disasters Law. They are in police custody until January 19, ”said a Sahar police officer.
Officials, with a tip from the woman, went through Gawande’s purse and found a large amount of cash along with fake documents like a fake home quarantine stamp, fake signatures and doctor stamps on four Tata Memorial letterheads. Hospital, three Asian Heart Institute letterheads, and two from a Care Medical Center doctor. “Gawande admitted that he was collecting bribes. Your bank account will be checked. He shared the money with Sarang and Singh, ”said a police officer.
Singh’s lawyers, Prabhakar Tripathi and Saurabh Mishra, applied to the court for judicial custody, as the defendant had no role in the case and went to his team leader to assist him.
The police recorded statements from the flyers Khan Javid Nawab of Andheri (W), Shaikh Shakeel Salim and Khan Arbaz Sattar of Malad (W), Harie Rio John of Nerul (E) and Shaikh Shakir Sakur of Nashik, who flew from Dubai and Kuwait , and said that Gawande charged them 4000 rupees.

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