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Nepal’s Approach to Borders Issue Draws a Measured Response from India | India News


NEW DELHI: While India mentioned border management only in passing in its statement on the joint commission meeting between Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and his counterpart Pradeep Gyawali, Nepal categorically stated in its own reading that the meeting discussed the “issue of limits” and expressed commitment until early completion of delineation work on the remaining segments.
The remaining segments include the disputed areas of Kalapani and Susta which Kathmandu wants to address through conversations between the secretaries of Foreign Relations.
India had said before the talks that the border and the JCM were separate mechanisms. Official sources said that problems related to the border would be addressed through the appropriate mechanisms. Gyawali, however, had come prepared to discuss with Prime Minister KP Oli, as he had stated in the National Assembly that discussions during the visit would focus on the border issue that saw Nepal last year publishing a new political map.
India included border management as one of the areas of cooperation discussed alongside connectivity, economy and trade, energy, oil and gas, water resources, political and security issues, partnerships for development , tourism, culture, education and capacity building. Nepal requested the early supply of Covid-19 vaccines. According to Nepal, India ensured that Nepal’s requirements would be a priority after the national launch of vaccines. Both parties also exchanged views on international, regional and subregional cooperation. Nepal, the Indian government said, voiced support for India’s permanent membership in an expanded UN Security Council to reflect the shifting balance of power.
Discussions were also held on accelerating joint hydropower projects, including the proposed multi-purpose Pancheshwar project, which has numerous benefits for the people of both countries.

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