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Minor issues at Co-WIN, but unit completed successfully, says government | India News


NEW DELHI: The Center said Saturday that the vaccination campaign conducted at 3,352 session sites covering all states and territories in the Union saw minor flaws in the Co-WIN cloud-based internet technology platform.
The problems were related to issues such as the delay in loading the lists of beneficiaries in some session sites, while some that were vaccinated on the first day were not scheduled on the platform.
The Health Ministry said the issues were resolved and the drive was successfully carried out on Day 1. “The Co-WIN platform system performance and speed were improved and are being further optimized,” Manohar Agnani said. , additional secretary of the Ministry of Health.
For healthcare workers whose data has not been uploaded, states have been advised to improve the process and upload the details.
“No major flaws were noted. Almost all the functions were smooth. We are constantly looking at operations to make sure the platform is ready to handle a large load of users who will be there once it is opened for others, ”said an official.
Although three million frontline and health workers will be covered in the initial phase, the government aims to inoculate 30 million ‘priority’ inhabitants, including those over 50 years of age and those who are younger but with severe comorbidities, in the next stage. phase that will probably be completed in July, depending on the availability of vaccines.
Although Co-WIN was previously populated with data from healthcare and frontline workers, it will soon be launched for other beneficiaries who are required to register on the platform for vaccination. The software solution, which has emerged as the backbone of the immunization campaign, was rigorously tested during the two rounds of vaccination drills conducted by the government to ensure the operational feasibility of using Co-WIN in large-scale use. .

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