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In Crime-Infested Bihar, “Twin Engine” Has Become Engine Of Trouble: Tejashwi | India News


PATNA: RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav charged on Saturday that the ruling BJP-JD (U) alliance in Bihar has become an “engine of trouble” rather than the “double engine” that he had promised to propel the state toward progress.
The opposition leader cited recent criminal incidents to shore up the fact that Prime Minister Nitish Kumar had grown tired and defenseless after being in power for a decade and a half, while the BJP failed to make a difference despite have more MLA and two CM deputies for the first time in state history.
Yadav made the remarks against Kumar in the context of his heated exchange with journalists here on Friday when they tried to criticize him for the inability of the police to solve a high-profile murder case.
“I am going to Saran tomorrow where I will visit the ancestral residence of Rupesh Kumar Singh (assassinated Indigo Airlines station manager). His family members have evidently lost faith in the state government and are demanding a CBI investigation. AND the CM is busy holding the brief for the police, who have not been able to solve the case even after 72 hours, “Yadav said.
Former MP CM, who was addressing a press conference here, also distributed copies of a stinging letter he sent to Kumar.
“Please crack down on crime in Bihar, otherwise you will never be forgiven by its people … In the pages of history you will not find a space even in the footnotes,” Yadav said in the note. scorching.
Responding to a query, the RJD leader said that he was awaiting the schedule of the assembly’s next budget session, after which he will draw up the itinerary for the state proposal ‘Dhanyawad Yatra’ (thanksgiving tour).
He reiterated his opposition to the proposed truncation of the session to no more than a week.
“The government wants to shorten the session in the name of COVID-19 vaccination. Are the MLA going to administer the injections?” I ask.
“Surely, the government is wary of being cornered by legislators, especially the opposition, on the floor of the House on issues related to governance,” said Yadav, who previously announced a boycott of the assembly session if it was reduced.

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