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Disconnected from 60 loan applications made in China: Google | India News


HYDERABAD: Google informed Telangana police on Friday that it had removed 60 instant loan apps from its play store, but added that all were uploaded from India, and not from China, as police initially suspected.
Hyderabad police received confirmation from Google weeks after different investigative agencies in the state submitted a request asking the search engine to remove nearly 300 apps.
In the ongoing investigation of the instant loan application, the police have uncovered details of how thousands of people have been harassed for failing to meet payment deadlines even within hours or a day. So far, at least six people have committed suicide after being publicly humiliated and embarrassed.
Telangana police in turn shut down dozens of call centers across India and arrested four Chinese nationals in the ongoing investigation.
“The apps were developed in China and shared with Chinese citizens who were overseeing their business in India. They, in turn, uploaded the apps to the Play Store using trusted Indian partners, ” a Telangana police investigator associated with instant app cases told TOI.
Initially, Telangana police suspected that the hundreds of instant finance apps in the play store were uploaded from China or other countries through their partners.
Law enforcement sources said Google also shared details about people from India who uploaded these 60 apps.
Chinese citizen Zhu Wei, alias Lambo, arrested by Hyderabad police along with his company manager Nagaraju in December 2020, used Nagaraju’s bank account to upload 30 financing apps to the Play Store.

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