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Control Rumors and Misinformation Regarding Covid-19 Vaccines: Duro Vardhan to States | India News


NEW DELHI: Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan asked his counterparts in union states and territories to monitor rumors and misinformation regarding Covid-19 vaccines while conducting a review meeting on day one of the vaccination campaign on Saturday.
According to a statement, Vardhan congratulated state and UT authorities on the successful launch of the world’s largest vaccination campaign against the novel coronavirus, and called on state health ministers to strive to disseminate correct information about the vaccinations
He said that today is a very important day for the country.
The vaccination campaign, for which preparations had been under way for the past five months under the unwavering and dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has finally started, he said.
“We got encouraging and satisfactory feedback results on day one. This indicates that we are moving towards victory in the fight against coronavirus,” he said.
Vardhan reaffirmed his appreciation and support for the tireless work of frontline and healthcare workers, and said India has made significant progress on the COVID containment front.
“The cooperation of scientists, researchers, physicians, and all citizens who have volunteered for the clinical trial has ensured that we have two vaccines ready for administration within 10 months,” he said.
State health ministers and secretaries briefed Vardhan on the progress and goal achieved on the first day of the vaccination campaign. They also shared that workers faced minor technical glitches when uploading beneficiary details to a digital platform on the first day of the campaign.

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