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President gives Rs 5 lakh for construction of Ram Temple | India News


NEW DELHI: On Friday, President Ram Nath Kovind donated Rs 5.01,000 for the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya on a day when various temple-related agencies, including RSS and its subsidiary organizations, launched a national campaign seeking funds for the mandir.
Kovind made the donation to a delegation from the Shree Ram Jambhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, who visited him at 11am on Friday morning. Trust Treasurer Govind Dev Giri, VHP Acting Chairman Alok Kumar, Construction Committee Chairman Nripendra Misra, and Delhi Region RSS Head Kulbhushan Ahuja were among the delegation.
“Since the president is the country’s first citizen, we asked him to seek his blessings for the construction of the temple,” Alok Kumar said. The VHP official said that the construction of the temple is a religious and spiritual matter. The President was accompanied by his entire family when he made the offering to the delegation.
Kovind’s gesture of offering a donation is similar to that of First President Rajendra Prasad, who had joined then-Interior Minister Sardar Patel and others in supporting the restoration of the Somnath Temple in Gujarat. However, the difference is that the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also for the temple and performed the groundbreaking rituals on August 4 this year to mark the rebuilding of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.
Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, however, had differences with Prasad and Patel over the restoration of the Somnath temple, as some accounts say he called the decision a “Hindu revival”. In his Pilgrimage To Freedom, KM Munshi wrote that after a cabinet meeting in early 1951, Nehru called him and said, “I don’t like you trying to restore Somnath. It is the Hindu revival. ”Munshi was then Minister of Agriculture and Food.
Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu, various governors and senior ministers of the BJP-governed states also made contributions for the construction of the temple.
Following the SC’s verdict that cleared the way for the construction of Ram Mandir, the temple campaign leaders had said that the cost of construction will be borne by the people of the country for which a campaign will be launched, which will also it will ensure the participation of every nation.
The biggest contribution so far has come from a former Rae Bareli MLA, Surendra Singh, who on Friday donated Rs 1,11,11111 (Rs one crore, eleven lakh, eleven thousand, one hundred eleven). Champat Rai, Trust spokesperson and senior VHP official, went to Rae Bareli to cash the former MLA’s check.

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