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Harsimrat Badal criticizes Rahul Gandhi for shedding “crocodile tears” | India News


NEW DELHI: Former Union Minister and Shiromani MP Akali Dal Harsimrat Badal criticized Rahul Gandhi’s protest over the farm laws, saying the congressional leader is shedding “crocodile tears” over the issue.
Rahul Gandhi should clarify why his grandmother and father used the word khalistanis for Punjabis before crying ‘crocodile tears’, Harsimrat said in a tweet.
The Bathinda MP asked Rahul Gandhi about the farmers’ protest in Punjab, and asked him where he was when the farmers protested in Punjab.
He also asked him and the Congressional party about the absence of his MPs in Parliament when this law was being formed.

Earlier on Friday, the congressional leader along with Priyanka Gandhi joined the party’s MPs in their demonstration against the laws in Jantar Mantar on Friday.
“Narendra Modi doesn’t have a basic respect for farmers. He doesn’t even care if more than 100 farmers die. He thinks he has the power and the protesting farmers will tire after a few days, but they won’t give in,” he said.
“The talks are held only to delay. Prime Minister Modi believes that he has the power and he will tire the farmers, but he is wrong,” Rahul Gandhi told reporters.

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